Get Some E-cig Knowledge!

This is an "Ego" ecig. I highly recommend this product

I get more questions than I can answer every day when people see me using an E-cigarette.  I’m sure they are the same ones in your head right now.  This page has been done out of love for this habbit/hobby, and I know you’ll be happy you visited.

This information is not coming from any company, and it doesn’t have any dishonest motives.  My name is Keith, and I want to help teach you about E-cigs.

My only objective in creating this site is to help people get starting “vaping” and to stop smoking cigarettes IMMEDIATELY!

To do this you need to find out:

1) What an Ecig is

2) Learn some details about what components you’ll need to get up and running.

3) What to get, and from where for the best value

4) Don’t forget to check out videos on youtube, and check out the ecig and vapors forums. Google them.  You will truly be amazed on how much info is out there.

My goal here is to help you quit SMOKING cigarettes, and START vaping nicotine liquid.  I want you to be informed properly, and get a head start on everybody else that’s trying to find reputable information.  A HUGE marketing landscape exists right now for this product, and much of it is meant to mislead you.  Please feel free to pass this website on to others, or even give me an email.  If you got to this site via a personal invite, it’s very likely I also gave you my email address.  Use it and ask questions.  Knowledge is power.

It’s not a perfect solution, but I know it’s one that is much healthier than getting cancer from carcinogines and tar found in all cigarettes.  Let’s remember that those pesky guys are NOT found in E-cigs!

Are these for me?

I feel this is an important part of the vaping experience (“Vaping” means smoking to you noobies out there).  Ecigs will NEVER, and i repeat NEVER replace the sensation of inhaling burnt plant material.  It just can’t…get over it.  I think it comes close, and more importantly satisfies my smoking “itch”.

Vaping will also NEVER, and I repeat NEVER be as easy as smoking.  You go to the gas station, buy a pack, light it and inhale.  For goodness sake you can usually borrow matches or a lighter if you have to!  Vaping requires ordering parts.  Parts that AREN’T available at your local gas station.  You need to be fully stocked with back up parts at all times.  Otherwise you might go back to smoking.  You don’t want that do you?!?  You have to use batteries.  You know what that means people…charging them, having spares, having a way to charge on the road, on vacation, so on, and so forth.  So be prepared to dedicate this into your lifestyle.  This aspect almost always gets overlooked.  PLEASE DON’T!  If you don’t like “techie” stuff, and don’t want to have to charge batteries everyday, this probably isn’t for you.

I feel all these minor inconviences are well worth saving myself from icky, smelly cigs.  Did I mention Ecigs DON’T stink up your clothes or car?

I’m not a doctor…

…nor will I claim e-cigs are a “stop smoking cessation device”.  I need to say this to cover my ass here people.  The fact is that I quit smoking THE DAY I started using e-cigs.  Same could be said if you quit smoking THE DAY you ate bacon for every meal.  I doubt the FDA could label me pedaling BACON as a “quit smoking cessation device”.  None the less the latter could poteintially be true.  Don’t let people’s backwards’ way of thinking lead you into a dead end.  Do something to save yours, or millions of other lives.

The same can be said for people that say the bases are toxic and found in Anti-Freeze.  Do you know what other liquid is in anit-freeze that you ingest every day?  WATER!  Please don’t waste my time or yours.  Do your own research, and make your life a better one!